Who are the Camillians?


Who was St. Camille?

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Man and woman in service of the sick and the needy

Entry tot proper healthcare is not so accessible for everyone. Especialliy the poor and underprivileged people lack proper (mental) healthcare. With our little means we like to be there for those who are in need. As Dutch community we strive to do so. Not only here but olso with our confreres and sisters on other continents as well.

Part of a larger whole

The Order of Camillians does exsist of over 1200 members. Never the less the Dutch cummunity  is a small groep. We are with 11 people working over three continents, in Europe (the Netherlands ) in Africa ( Tanzania ) and in South America ( Colombia ).

We work and live of inspriration of Jesus of Nazareth

I was sick, and you visited me (Matthew)
our daily lives receiving visitors is important, but visiting someone who’s sick; even more. Therefore the Camillians work not only on voluntairy bases in various fields of healtcare but aswell healthcare professionals like MD’s, nurses, healthcare managers or as pastors: but always in service to the sick!

Healing the healthcare

We believe that healthcare can be better. Harsch, so called 'professionalism', makes caring to some ‘product’ and the patients to a shop-till-you-drop buyer. To us that vision is a herendious sight and makes healtcare nasty. Saint Camille already had the answer to that issue centuries ago “more heart in these hands, brothers and sisters!”

Strong together

Our Roman Catholic community is the basecamp we operate from. We want to be free in our dedication towards the sick. Therefore we live our service to the sick in poverty, obedience and live an unmaried live and in service to the sick (even the plague stricken). Daily prayer and our service to the sick brings us together, wherever we are!

Castle Schöndeln, monastary of the Camillians